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Heating Accessories

To maintain proper chemical temperature and achieve the highest quality foam in cold weather conditions, Touch 'n Seal offers a full line of heating accessories for each one of our systems.

Heating Accessories for the CPDS Series II

Hose Warming Wrap

  • Insulated and heated Hose Warming Wrap for use with existing 30’hose set
  • Preset temperature control cycles at 24°-35°C (75°-95°F)
  • Velcro closure allows easy installation and removal
  • Overall length is 8 meter (27’), which covers the hose from strain relief to ball valves at the applicator
  • 120 volts, 150 watts
  • Self regulating temperature control

    Assembly & Operation Instructions - Hose Warming Wrap for CPDS Series II (PDF)

CPDS Series II Cover

CPDS Series II Cover

  • Use with Forced Air Heating Unit to warm entire system
  • Custom, heavy duty, weatherproof one piece cover
  • Holds in heat, keeps out weather
  • Front window, front and rear zipper access to all controls, hold down straps, fold up skirt for transporting with zippered control panel access

forced air heating unitForced Air Heating Unit

  • For use with CPDS Series II Cover
  • 120 volts, 500 watts forced air
  • Preset temperature control cycles at 21°-32°C (70°-90°F)
  • Mounts to bottom of CPDS Series II (available for retrofit)
  • Can be used at setup or for overnight storage
  • Easy to install


 Retrofit & Operation Instructions -  Forced Air Heating Unit for CPDS Series II (PDF)

Heating Accessories for Disposable Foam Kits

warming blanketWarming Blanket - 30 cm (12") Cylinder

  • Blanket heater for foam kits
  • Maintains temperature at 27°-32°C (80°-90°F)
  • 120 volts, 95 watts
  • Self-regulating temperature control


warming blanketHeating Accessories for Refillable Systems

Warming Blanket

  • Blanket heaters available for 17 & 60 gallon cylinders
  • Maintains temperature at 27°-32°C (80°-90°F)
  • 120 volts, 280 watts for 17 gallon; 120 volts, 548 watts for 60 gallon
  • Self-regulating temperature control


heating blanketHeater Band

  • Heater band available for 17 gallon cylinders
  • Adjustable temperature control
  • 120 volts, 500 watts



 Heated Hose System & Heated Hose Extensions

  • Heats cold chemicals to proper application temperatures
  • Primary hose set - 15 m (50') length, includes two 15m (50’) primary hoses, controller, chemical temperature gauges (2), shutoff valves (4) and 30cm (12”) spray foam applicator
  • 15 m (50’) extensions can be added to a maximum length of 45m (150’)
  • 120 volts, 500 watts per 50’ section
  • Electronic adjustable temperature control
  • Chemical temperature monitoring gauges



Assembly & Operation Instructions - Heated Hose System for Refillable Systems (PDF)

Assembly & Operation Instructions -  Blanket Heaters for 12”, 17 & 60 Gal. Cylinders (PDF)


Touch 'n Seal Heating Systems and Accessories

Item Description CPDS 17 & 60 Gallon
Refill Systems
Part # Quantity Usage
Blanket Heater -
17 Gal Refillable
  X 4505100115 1 per chemical cylinder
Blanket Heater -
60 Gal Refillable
  X 4505100125 1 per chemical cylinder
Heater Band (w/controls) -
17 Gal Refillable
  X 4505100060 1 per chemical cylinder
Heated Hose System - Primary 15m (50') - Refillables   X 4505100100 1 set contains both "A" & "B" hoses, controller, temperature gauges (2), shutoff valves (4) and 30cm (12") spray foam applicator
Heated Hose -
Extension 15m (50') -
  X 4505100105 1 set contains both "A" & "B" hoses and couplers
Blanket Heater -
30cm (12") Cylinder
X   4505500115 1 per chemical cylinder
Hose Warming Wrap -
27 ft. - CPDS 
X   4505500100 1 covers both "A" & "B" hoses of a 9m (30') hose set
CPDS Cover - CPDS X   4505500105 1 per CPDS
Forced Air Heating Unit - CPDS X   4505500110 1 per CPDS





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