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Nozzles & Hoses

Conical Fan Black Nozzles

Spray Foam Nozzles

Conical (white) nozzles produce a focused spray pattern for more precise application. These are provided in most spray foam kits.

  • 25 count pack is available (#4004529930)

Fan (yellow) nozzles produce a wider spray pattern for thicker bead applications.

  • 25 count pack is available (#4004529940)

Injection (black) nozzles are used exclusively with Slow Rise formulas.


Hoses15' Hose with Std Accessory Pack

Additional foam kit hoses and gun applicators are available in a variety of lengths and come with a standard Accessory Pack.

  • 15' hose length
  • 30' hose length
  • 60' hose length (Refillable Systems only)


Hoses and gun applicators designed for the CPDS system30' CPDS Hose are also available:

  • 30' hose length
  • 100' hose length